About me:

As long as I can remember,  I have been interested in movies.  I thank my father for introducing me to this passion in life which allows for such a creative outlet.

My first "production" was years ago.  It was a time lapse, still shot sequence, and was edited by physically slicing and then gluing the film back together for the cut.  Now, my editing software of choice is Final Cut Pro X.  No more cutting, just clicking. 

Typically in my videos now, in order to capture "all the action" I use multiple cameras when shooting.  During the editing process, these "multicam" angles provide the best results.

Audio is usually captured as either "live" or directly from an audio mixer (sound board), or a combination of both.

For the final production, many options are available from a simple "live" video to an artistically created vignette which offers a sampling of the performance.  Vignettes may include a crafted video montage comprised of live video and still photographs, and are a great way for you to promote your brand.

My specialty is primarily based around musical performances, frequently for promotional purposes.  I've had the opportunity of working with extremely talented and well known musicians from the Midwest and Colorado areas.

My wife, Karen, is my production assistant and contributing editor.

Videos can be shot in our recording studio which we call Studio 2B, or on location (not "2B").